Tuesday 28th March.

Last Tuesday of the month = weigh in day at the gym. Why? I don’t really know but I started doing it the final Tuesday in January and so it made sense to stick with that I guess. Anyway, lost another 2.6kg – which is less than last month but last month I didn’t have 2 takeaways and a trip to Bon Pan…that’s my excuse anyway. Still, progress innit.

Not added anything about Horizon Zero Dawn the last few days and that was down to the fact that I hadn’t progressed the main story any further. However I did today when playing and have to say that I love the “Deep Secrets of the Earth” mission that I completed today. Really interesting quest that makes you find out so much stuff out about the game’s’ backstory – might be my favourite mission so far in the game. Not the most action-packed of quests but it’s the story progression that I liked most for sure. Of course no spoilers here…

Time to go catch up on last night’s tv…





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