Wednesday 29th March.

#BrexitDay today apparently as Article 50 was triggered by way of a letter. In this day and age, a letter. Least send it by email. Silly. Probably not as silly as voting to leave the EU but I digress. That’s probably for another time…maybe…

Keep reading reviews of Persona 5 and quite possibly going to make that my next game purchase following completion of Horizon Zero Dawn (which would have edged closer today but then I got to a part that I feel I wasn’t prepared enough for and left that for another day…).

I know reviews aren’t everything, and it’s important to formulate your own opinions on video games and such, but Mass Effect continues to get negative press on a daily basis. On the other hand, HZD was very well received (and has certainly lived up to the billing…maybe even surpassed it) and Persona 5 looks like that’s going the same way.

Still, it’ll have a lot to live up to. Might have to re-do my Top Ten Video Games to put Horizon Zero Dawn in there; maybe I could do it in a similar way to how Kotaku do their top games lists on their site where they are updated and other games are added when they are deserving. This most definitely is.

Probably shouldn’t talk too much on that subject though as it’ll end up as lengthy as the Tom Plays I am writing on it…

On that note, I’m off.



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