Friday 31st March.

Last day of March…already. This year is flying by.

April Fool’s Day tomorrow – can’t wait ’til everyone either pretends they’ve won the lottery, got pregnant, died…or all three. Do I have anything up my sleeve for tomorrow? That’d be telling…

Anyway, today.

Finally got my first win on PES! No, I didn’t change the difficulty. Sadly it was in the cup though so my side is still rooted to the bottom of the division – probably where Liverpool belong but, yeah, that’s how it is in video games.

Wrestlemania Weekend approaching – Hall of Fame on tonight; won’t be watching that live for the simple fact that back-to-back late nights on Saturday and Sunday night will be enough as it is, making it three in a row would simply be a bad idea.

Will catch up sometime tomorrow though, usually find the speeches to be very interesting – unless it’s Mr. T talking about his mother over and over again….

Also football is back and, as is now tradition, I’ve got some Friday night bets on the Dutch football…maybe this is my week? Who knows.

Be nice to get a win to pay for Persona 5 – which I will likely buy anyway but if I can use bet winnings for it instead of my own money, then I won’t complain…

Anyway, they’ve kicked off and I need to go check on them.





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