Saturday April 1st.


April Fools Day never really works these days because everyone is so sceptical about anything that is posted, even more so on this day in particular. You see these big companies try thing and, whilst impressive or plausible, everyone is already ruining them by saying “APRIL FOOLS” and whatnot in the comments.

Kinda pointless now to be honest.

Similar to how I feel with betting on football at the moment. Last night I was gutted to see QPR being that one team to cost me a win with their failure to score – hitting the post in the dying moment of the games only compounded the misery. Please, I don’t need to be seeing the replay of that ever again. Another £40 added to the ‘One Team That Cost Me Money’ list.

To make matters worse, I had another addition to that said list today as AFC Wimbledon failed to score past Port Vale. PORT fucking VALE. 6 folder that would have brought me in £35 – instead that added another thirty five to the list and pushed it dangerously close to four figures.

Serious bad luck.

I mean, I had some success at the Bingo tonight – winning £65 which isn’t bad at all (that’s Persona 5 paid for!) and, yeah, judge me if you so wish for going to bingo.


Anyway, a late-ish blog today. I’m going to be up late for NXT Takeover tonight so makes little difference.

Gym tomorrow will be fun on not much sleep.

Oh well, power through as I always do…







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