Tuesday 4th April.

So, RAW was good last night. Kurt Angle in as GM (his ‘that’s not how you spell ‘soft’ reply to Enzo and Cass, already showing he’s still got the comedic bits nailed down), The Revival debuted (love those guys. Almost as much as Corey Graves’ marking out moment), Emma finally returned (yay!) and FINN BALOR FINALLY RETURNED. Sick.

Some Tuesday night football to bet on and a winner! Not much but enough to pay for the weekend’s football bets, so that’s fine by me – could have had a bit more but I cashed out in the hope I might get a bonus off of SkyBet…I didn’t. Oh well.

Some more tomorrow night which I’ve already put on. More winners? Or even one…we’ll see.

Last night’s 24: Legacy was excellent. Really enjoying this series of it – perhaps not as much as I did ‘Live Another Day’ but not far behind.

Prison Break AND iZombie back tonight. Awesome. They’ll be watched tomorrow for sure!

Until tomorrow, I’m done.




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