Saturday 8th April.

My winless streak in the Grand National goes on – can we just rewind back to 2005 and 2006 when I backed winners in back-to-back years? Albeit at a young age where I shouldn’t have been gambling…whoops.

Best I could manage were 14th, 16th and 17th places. No bookie paid out on them, sadly.

Same story as my football bets today. After a winner last night, came close-ish today but was let down by one goal for one bet and three on another pair of wagers. A shame but, hey, we go again next Saturday.

First gym-less Saturday in a while. Ankle/heel playing up again but, then again, that didn’t stop an afternoon of assisting in the garden – never learn but, hey, at least I got my active time in. Four bloody hours…and there’s still more to do.

There’ll be more to do tomorrow so no gym on Sunday either. Oh well, I’ll survive…plus it’s not like I’ll just be lozacking around in bed.


Saying that, it’ll be nice out tomorrow so maybe I’ll not be pale this year…

Yeah right.


T. apr8


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