Thursday 13th April.

So, Thursday. Been a pretty lax week this week when it comes to going to the gym, today was only my 2nd time this week as I couldn’t be bothered going late on Tuesday and was required elsewhere yesterday. Blegh. At least my leg/heel/ankle/thing is fine now, so all is good in the world.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. Some religious thing.


I dislike religion for many reasons.

Easter is just another day in the calendar…but with chocolate eggs. Nice.

Perhaps the only good thing about Good Friday is that there is football! So, yay, plenty of opportunities to waste money betting on league football in the afternoon and then Dutch football in the evening.

Now that’s a kind of religion I could get behind.

Anyway, today was a good-ish day with some writing done for the first time in a little while all whilst listening to Katy Perry. I’m weird.

Must do something before I hit the bed tonight…







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