Friday 14th April.

Happy Good Friday. If you celebrate it. Whatever that is to celebrate.

Sadly the PC Brigade forced Tesco into some sort of apology for something that wasn’t even that offensive – I’d look it up but it was basically saying beer and stuff makes Good Friday a great Friday. Silly, maybe, but hardly offensive,. Piss off.

That can piss off along with Wycombe Wanderers. One goal away on my bet thanks to those useless bastards.

And Standard Liege. Conceded in the 93rd minute to scupper my bet; on the plus side, I managed to get a couple of quid on their opponents to win/draw, so still got something back. Better than nothing.

OH MY! Just as I am writing this up, just saw that Leeds scored in the 95th minute to bring in the BTTS bet I put on at HT! Only won me £15 but considering it was from some leftover money I got for nothing off of 365, I’ll take it!

Speaking of which, never usually have much luck from those ‘5 free spin’ offers you sometimes get off these companies. Sometimes might be able to get a quid or two if you’re lucky; tonight though I managed to turn them into nearly £50 in cash on 365…taken some of that out, left the rest for some football bets over the weekend/Monday.

Though I’ve also got money left on Sky as well.

Spoilt for choice.

Gambling. It’s bad.

Unless you win. Then it’s good.

Maybe this was a Good Friday after all.

If I was a drinker, I’d go to TESCO and buy some and make it a great Friday.




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