Saturday 15th April.

A Saturday with only Premier League football and a few European games to bet on. Kind of boring but, once again, close but no cigar on a number of bets. Bundesliga goals bet was 1 goal away, 3pm games one was 1 goal away.  Unreal luck.

I mean, sure, I’m up quite substantially this week from things other than football. But, still, I want to win one of those ridiculous bets you see from time to time going viral on Twitter.

Monday, I think I’ll give it a shot with a  lot of Football League action to waste money on.

Saying that, just as I’m typing this out, one bet I put on the late games has come in – once again getting money for nothing; tl;dr, Betfair gave me 10 free spins on an Easter game, won £7.50 off them, spent the rest on another promotion that didn’t win anything and then spent a few quid on an enhanced FGS bet. Messi scored first, Mertens just opened the scoring for Napoli.

Quids in!


So, aside from gambling, have I done much this Saturday?

Answer is. No. Not really.

Went the gym this morning. Nice and early for once, think I might stick to going then as it’s a lot quieter and less busy.

Happy Easter Saturday.

Is that a thing?




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