Sunday 16th April.

What’s the worst thing that can happen on a bank holiday weekend?

If you answered a filling falling out of your tooth and nowhere open to buy temporary filling/dentist probably not available until Tuesday (and, even then, probably not able to get appointment straight away) then you’re probably right.

Ugh. At least it isn’t painful.

That’ll teach me for eating toffees that I shouldn’t really be eating anyway.

I have learned.


Sadly that was likely the highlight of my Sunday today. The bets I put on football games today did absolutely nothing – however I have got another “free £5 bet” from Sky thanks to wagering enough in their club this week…silver linings and all that.

Plenty of Easter Monday football to bet on tomorrow- including Dutch 2nd Division football at 1.30pm. Awesome. Bet’s already on for that.

Whole host of Football League games to waste more dosh on.


Be nice to win some more money after this weekend.

With that note,I’m off.




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