Monday 17th April.

Another week begins.

Easter Monday. All the football.

No good on any of the bets I put on though. Once again one team let me down on a BTTS bet, cheers Millwall…and they had tonnes of opportunities as well, making it all the more disappointing.

Disappointment leads me straight onto Crewe Alexandra. Don’t know what’s more depressing; following Crewe or looking at the ‘matches’ part on my Tinder account. Jokes.

Sigh. At least the threat of non-league football is pretty much non-existent. Big summer for them; lots of players out of contract, lots of turnover seems likely as well. New kit as well – bet it’s red.

Bloody legs ache like hell today. Would have probably been smart not to go the gym…alas, I went and now they hurt worse.

Will they be better tomorrow? Hope so.

Will I update on here? Maybe. Who knows.

Is this the end of today’s blog?





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