Wednesday 19th April.

I gotta say, today was a good day.


New Prison Break! Well, it’s continuing on this slow pace it’s on. I don’t know yet if I like it or not but I’ll keep watching.

New iZombie! Well, that continues to be really good. As usual, no surprise there.

Topping the day off perfectly though…


It’s no secret that they’re my favourite band – hell, they even made the list…and they’re back with a stonking new song. Sounds different but, unlike sometimes when different means trash, this is definitely anything but trash.

Catchy A. F.

Psyched to hear the rest of the new album to see if that is just as good. No doubt it probably will. 22 Days until that comes out…for once I may actually pre-order music. Though there’s little point. I think. I don’t think you get ‘Hard Times’ early for pre-ordering.

I should probably check that, like.

Also they announced a tour for June. Tickets on sale next week…might have to see how much they are because NFL tickets for the Cardinals game go on sale next week as well. Can I afford to get both? Hope so. Been ages since I saw them live.

Bae-ley Williams.


Will tomorrow be as good as today?

Probably not. But I’ll still blog about it anyway.

Got to keep up this daily blog thing.





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