Thursday 20th April.

Bloody hate relying on Potteries Buses – the sooner I can drive, the better. I mean, I’m going to have to begin to learn to drive before I can actually drive…or complain about not being able to drive.

Anyway, why do the buses suck? Well, how about turning up for an earlier bus than necessary to give you plenty of time to get to the destination – only to find that the bus breaks down and you end up on the later bus which makes you late. Perfect first impression when you’re going for an interview, right.

Then how about on the return journey you get there in plenty of time for the return bus…AND IT DOESN’T FUCKING TURN UP. So you’re left waiting in the middle of nowhere with a group of sheep for company for a bus…yeah, good stuff Potteries Buses.

Ugh. I hate having to rely on them. But needs must I suppose.

I don’t have much else to say about today.

Except fuck Potteries Buses.





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