Friday 21st April.

So, yeah, the end of another week.

Tickets sorted for the NFL game at Twickenham in October. Cheaper than what I was going to pay, which is good for a cheapskate like me. Good view as well, so that’s all that sorted…now for everything else that goes along with it.

Means I can get Paramore tickets when they come out next week as well. BONUS! (as long as they’re not mad expensive)

Enjoying playing PES right now – couple of the youth team players I’ve got in my Master League team are bloody insane; Lobato, a Brazilian striker, is bloody insane and has so much speed…and he keeps getting better. Only a lack of stamina is hurting him right now. Nobody is buying him off of me. Nobody!

Him, Kingsley Coman (who isn’t very good at RWF) and Ousmane Dembele are a ridiculous trio upfront. No surprise I’m now top of the league…in the 3rd season of the game. Maybe this is the year we get promoted.

Still find it strange that teams keep bidding on the youth players I’ve been signing up and then not playing. Like why would you want to buy someone you don’t know anything about? Strange game.

The commentary is pretty shocking on PES though it has to be said; boring, repetitive, slow to react, boring. FIFA does that so, so much better.

Anyway, speaking of sports, onto another weekend of football betting…could I get lucky and win big again this weekend? Or big-ish? Or small-ish.

I dont really care. A win is a win.

Alas, I’m done for today.





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