Saturday 22nd April.

At long last, Crewe confirmed their status as a league club with a 3-0 win over Leyton Orient this afternoon – consigning their opponents to the Conference in the process. Sad times for their fans but that club has been in the shit for a while, these things catch up to you and then the ultimate price is paid.

Maybe one day they’ll make it back into League Football but they’re probably going to need to get rid of that awful owner before anything like that can even begin to happen.

Football. The bets were on again this afternoon; quickly running out of time to win any more with only a handful of weeks left in the season – Wolverhampton Wanderers were today’s bastards, couldn’t beat a relegation-threatened Blackburn Rovers. Ugh.

All I can be bothered to write today…

Also cheers to whoever read 46 posts yesterday. No idea why, but yeah, thanks.




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