Wednesday 3rd May.

Knew there was something I needed to do this evening but ended up watching loads and loads of college football highlight videos instead. A productive evening I think you’ll agree?

Better than writing this blog anyway.

Got another blog I want to write up tomorrow sometime, hopefully I get that done. No, not for this one…though I do have 5 drafts of different Top Ten lists up. I really should get round to finishing them off and posting them.

Alas, this will have to do for an update for today.

Actually, no, I need a HZD update. Did the first set of hunting medal things and did the few little sidequests you have to do from the hunters guild thing. I guess I needed to have done that to get the final ally in the final battle? Probably, we’ll see when I get round to doing that.

First things first though, there’s a trophy I need to earn for knocking down all those model grazer things. Sure there’s a guide I can follow online that’ll show the location of them all.

Almost at a time I can kick-off the final quest and finish this absolutely wonderful game.

Will save the gushing praise for my blog on it.

Until then, laters.



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