Friday 5th May.

Planned on blogging this afternoon. Wrote a grand total of 0 words that I wanted to…guess I didn’t plan that well or just couldn’t be bothered doing it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do it with much less football to follow/bet on.

End of another week and the end of the football season is near, so less money wasted on football bets. So that’s probably a good thing. Came close to a winner tonight but, alas, one goal does me over as per usual because Almere City couldn’t score…provided Sociedad also score, otherwise it’ll be 2 teams away. And that’s OK. ish.

It all sucks anyway.

Anyhow. finally got my hands on a copy of Persona 5 for a non-extortionate price. Sure, I’ve got to wait until the end of next week for it to be sent out and then – because I’m a cheapskate – wait up to another week for it to be delivered. Still, for under £40, I can wait.







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