Saturday 6th May.


I have completed Horizon Zero Dawn! Man, what a game…and the ending, superb. I still need to go back through it and find the rest of the grazer dummies and knock them over for the final trophy, but when I’ve done that then it’ll be my first Platinum trophied game on the PS4. Couldn’t have picked a better one to be honest.

Might use the time between finishing that and getting Persona 5 by finally getting to play Life is Strange and getting the platinum trophy for that as well. Easy to do as all you have to do is take the pictures in the game and I’ve already done that once before on the Xbox One.

Or I could go back and play more PES and see how my Master League team manages in the English 1st Division. Can the Brazilian superstar Lobato continue to score for fun in a tougher division? Him and Ousmane Dembele are lethal. Mbappe not bad either but I don’t really like him.

Alas, whilst we’re talking about football. Final day of the League 2 season today and Crewe finished with a 4-1 win over Barnet. Decent. 17th in the table, better than being relegated at least. Onto next season now, hopefully no more relegation struggles for next year.

Football and video games. What a life.





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