Sunday 7th May.

A boring Sunday in which I didn’t do much. Go me.

I did however get the Platinum trophy from Horizon Zero Dawn last night. First one I have earned on the PS4, so that’s something! Not sure what there is left to do on the game now though, enjoyed it playing through once but I don’t feel like it needs a second playthrough because I got pretty much everything aside from a few audio/textual things…so off to eBay it is, to go towards paying for Persona 5 this week. Farewell friend.

Such a good game though, man. Really, really lived up to the hype and then some. Eventually I’ll get my blog on it out – maybe tomorrow if I feel it’s finished enough.

PES is so much easier/fun when you have a good team. The struggles I used to have with the game are now almost non-existent and I keep on winning games for fun. Perhaps I should switch the difficulty up a notch now…or maybe that’ll make it ridiculously difficult.

We’ll see.

I should go see if I can write more before I go to bed…





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