Tuesday 9th April.

So, mild panic this morning. Went to the post office to post Horizon Zero Dawn to its new owner…then, on my way back from the post office, I think to myself did I actually put the disc back in the case? Did I just send the guy the case and no disc? Why would I think that…it’s because I had a notification yesterday that some new update had been installed on the game, so I thought I’d check it out one last time…but did I put the disc back in the case after? Was 99% sure I did.

But that 1%.

It wasn’t in the PS4 so I’m now sure it’s on its way to London with the case and a piece of paper. So, yeah, don’t lose the package like you did the last one I sent Royal Mail. Please.

You’d be happy to know that was the most exciting thing I’ve done today.

I live such a great life, like.



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