Friday 12th May.

Another day, another update on Persona 5 and that’s about it. Probably.

Seriously though, this game is amazing. From the opening title screen, it’s special. The story is getting me hooked and I can’t wait to get even further into it – I’ve already notched up 12 hours of playtime in the game. Which is probably about 10% through?

I was even up until the early hours of the morning playing it – thought I’d play a little more before I went to bed, didn’t realise how long I actually did spend on it as I was going through the games first ‘palace’ and before I knew it, it was nearly 2am. Whoops.

Games, man.

I do have more to talk about today as the new Paramore album came out. I gave it a listen whilst playing Persona 5 and I’m not sure about it – the two songs they released before it came out are probably my two favourite songs off the album. ‘Caught In The Middle’ is also pretty decent. The rest of it though…

I’m not going to say I hate it. I guess I just don’t like it that much. Or as much as their older music. At least on first listen.

Maybe it’s a grower…
Or maybe it’s the worst Paramore album they’ve done?
Which isn’t that much of a criticism given how much I like the others.

We’ll see in a few more listens over time.

Anyway, at least today isn’t just Persona 5 stuff. Maybe tomorrow will be…





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