Saturday 13th May.

Football season might be coming to a close but I seem to have got a little luck today…and last night for that matter as I won a small bet last night as well. Today though, stood to win £29 on a Bundesliga bet and it was all looking good – needed 1 more goal in the Dortmund game and Schalke to hold on to a 1-0 win.

Neither happened.

Fortunately I got on U2.5 goals in that game and also Hamburg (who Schalke were playing) to win/draw. Ended up winning more with those two bets than I would have done had the original one came in.

Then I had another winner on a BTTS bet I had going throughout the whole day. Never usually do those kind of bets because one early one usually screws it up and then the rest come in, meaning I win nothing. Tonight it won though, more money!

Profitable day.

Also played more Persona 5 this afternoon. Quite like the pacing of the game so far – days pass in the calendar but it always seems like you’re doing a lot in that short space of time you’re given. Started on the second ‘castle’ today whilst playing, picking up another playable character in the process. Really enjoying this game so far, if that’s not obvious enough.

Anyway, Eurovision tonight. Best night of the year, probably. Will the UK not be completely overlooked this year? Who knows, I’ve stuck some money on a Skybet Price Boost for them to finish Top 5 though…so fingers crossed I guess.

Lots of words today…too many, maybe?

Laters then,




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