Sunday 14th May.

So, Eurovision last night was a bit crap. How did that Portugal song win? Genuinely, as the massive Eurovision nerd that I am, I think it might possibly be the worst song to have won the competition.

Saying that, last year’s was pretty trash. So…yeah…whatever.

Yesterday, I had some good luck on the betting front. Today, not so much. Had a BTTS bet that spanned the whole day and, wouldn’t you know it, the first leg let it down…and then EVERY OTHER LEG WON. For fucks sake, man. Sure, was only 16 quid, but still. A winner it wasn’t thanks to one team.

Cheers Torino.

Persona 5 update time. Still excellent, now obsessed with finding the soundtrack. Or the collectors edition. Or both.

Wish I spent the extra £35 on launch now to secure one of them. Now it seems very unlikely I’ll be able to get one. Disappointing.

Least the game continues to be incredible. Starting to think it might overtake Final Fantasy 7 as my most favourite game ever…or is that just because it’s the most recent game I’m playing? I don’t know, won’t decide until it’s actually finished.

Genuinely incredible though.

I think a Nintendo Switch can wait. Think I’ll pick up a PS Vita and Persona 4 Golden before that seeing that’s also got rave reviews…

Games are awesome.

Another blog that’s not a few sentences. What’s going on???








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