Wednesday 17th May.

Hey middle of the week, how you doing? Good, good. Me, I guess I can’t complain…

Wednesday means being able to catch up on last nights iZombie (which I watched prior to writing this) and Prison Break (which is loaded up and ready to go once I’ve wrote this).

Wednesday meant some free NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Day 1 action for free on NJPW. Sadly I was away from the computer for all of it, so had to make do with seeing gifs of the action on Twitter. Lame.

Wednesday means more progress on Persona 5 and I’m in a bit of a strange part of the game whereas nothing has really happened storyline-wise since completing the third palace. Bit of a lull with nothing happening aside from exams at school, unlocking a couple more ‘confidants’ and then also finding out the next target.

So not much of a lull, really.

More tonight though no doubt.

Anyway, Prison Break awaits. Can’t keep Schofield waiting much longer.




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