Thursday 18th May.

Another day, another blog consisting of just Persona 5 updates? Nah, other things today…

Like the fact Life is Strange 2 was announced! OK, so no release date or anything yet outside of the fact there’s acknowledgement that it has been in development for at least a year. Could we get some extra news soon with E3 around the corner?

Will say I’m interested to see where they go with Season 2. New characters most likely, hopefully whatever they make is as good as the original. At least. If it’s better than it, even better!

Power cuts are the worst. Had one earlier this afternoon, only off for like 10/15 minutes but felt like forever.

I would have never survived in the olden times with no electricity.

For one, I’d be unable to play Persona 5.


Fortunately I was able to and I was able to finish the next palace that I started off last night. Not exactly taxing, the puzzles pretty basic as well and another member of the team added. Good stuff then.

Love this game.

Anyway, the election is coming up so guess I’ll give the ITV Leaders Debate a watch. Sadly no Theresa May getting destroyed verbally by everyone else on the panel…ugh, that would have been good to watch.

Away I go,




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