Friday 19th May.

The more I play Persona 5, the more I love the music. Two tracks in particular stand out – because I’ve been in the areas they play so many times already – the Shibuya track and also the track in The Velvet Room.

The latter one especially makes me jealous that I can’t play the piano. Along with learning Japanese, that’s one thing I’d love to do. Hmm.

Got further into the game as well today, spending the rest of the summer holidays getting to know the latest addition to the crew and not much else. But yet I’m still engrossed in the game even when not much is happening.

Ah, man, this game is incredible.

I’ve even started looking for merchandise but it’s very expensive and only seemingly available in Japan. Wish I had the spare cash to splurge out the ungodly amounts they would amount to…perhaps I should start playing the lottery again?

Speaking of which, I wish I was as lucky at the real life lottery as I am in the game, won 50k yen on it today! If only, aye.

Or one of those ridiculous bet wins you see going round on the internet. I mean, sure, picked up £40 last night on a BTTS bet that came in but need a lot more than that to buy all that Persona merchandise…probably should stick a ridiculous one on for the last week of Premier League games and, who knows, maybe it’ll come off.

Anyway, enough yapping for today.





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