Saturday 20th May.

Saturday minus football = more time to play Persona 5, so I guess it’s not a bad thing. I mean, yeah, there was still some football to bet on and I was just one team away from a third successive day with a winning bet (damn you, Hoffenheim!) but it’ll be odd for a few weeks not having Jeff Stelling and co. on the box.

Man, I hate summer time for that reason alone.

Anyway, three winning bets in a row? I’ve got one on for the french football which stands to win A LOT if it comes in. Likely won’t though given my lack of knowledge about anything to do with French football…never know though, could get lucky. Also another one for some other games.

Still, this is coming off free money that I earned for nothing so I’m all for throwing it on whatever bets I want. If they win, excellent. If they don’t, nbd.

Speaking of Persona 5, I might start writing up my ‘Tom Plays’ blog on it before finishing it. Well, some of it, just so that I don’t forget bits I really want to talk about. Might even fire up the soundtrack (off of YouTube, sadly) for added inspiration whilst writing.

Might have to edit some things though seeing that I’m not finished at all, things may change and then the blog would be weird. Already thinking about what I want to do for the New Game+ when the time arises, probably going with English audio that time round…

Last thing Persona-related for today, found a few collectors editions on eBay and considering bidding on them close to the end of their auctions IF they’re not ridiculously over-priced. Kicking myself as I had countless opportunities to buy one at normal-ish prices.


Anyway, it’s almost time to see if that French foootball bet loses…wish me luck.



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