Sunday 21st May.

The last day of the Premier League season and one which was nearly profitable – alas one leg let down a couple of bets; both involving the Stoke/Southampton game. Needed a goal in the first half in that for a winner…never happened. Needed two goals in it…one was scored. Typical.

Do have one bet that’s one leg away from victory – need both teams to score in a MLS game that kicks off at midnight. No, I won’t be staying up to watch, but I think I’ll probably stick some money on them not scoring as well just so I can guarantee a winner in some way or another. Hell, it’s only a few quid, so not bothered either way…still, it’s nice to win something every now and then.

Anyway, this is the second blog I’ve posted on here today. Last night was NXT TakeOver Chicago and, should wrestling interest you, I’ve got my thoughts on the whole event in my previous post. It was good and well worth staying up until 3am for.

Led to a lazy Sunday. Oh well.

Well, I say lazy, I managed to beat the fourth boss on Persona 5. Then not much else on the game today, at least not yet because I then spent the afternoon watching football and writing that piece on the wrestling.

So, really, it was a successful Sunday…I think.




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