Monday 22nd May.

Who doesn’t love an early trip to the dentist on a Monday morning? Was only in for a few minutes as well for a crown fitting – feels very weird, not sure I like it but I’ll eventually get used to it I’m sure.

Turned out I was wise to cash out my bet that I needed BTTS in the Orlando/NYC game on – finished 0-3 to NYCFC so that would have been Orlando City on the list. A lucky escape then. Ended up making that win into something worth taking out, so that puts me up by £70 this past few days. Good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, that brings me nicely onto Persona 5. Progressed a bit further in the story, progressed even further on the ‘Tom Plays’ piece I’ve began to write about it. Nearly at 1k words and I’ve barely even scratched the surface on what I want to write…so that could be a pretty lengthy piece of work.

Read it when it comes out, like.

Been trying to hunt down a collectors edition of the game but do I want to spend £100+ on it? There’s a chance I could get one locally and would be a little cheaper than that, but should I? Hmm…

Think it’s time for this blog to end, laters…




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