Tuesday 23rd May.

Awful what happened in Manchester overnight. Been to the MEN Arena before on countless occasions and, fortunately, never had any issues with anything. Feel for those caught up in the atrocity that unfolded.

On a more positive note, Persona 5. Still enjoying the game but confused as to how the average level thing on the network shot up from 52 > 61 over the space of a few days where nothing happened in the story? Like…how? Guess I might have to do some level grinding in the last few days before the calling card is sent.

Just hit the 60 hour mark in the game – is there another 40 hours to go? I’d be surprised if it’s spread out that far…and I don’t think I’ve gone through too quickly or missed anything? Oh well, at least there’s NG+ to go through afterwards…and probably a 3rd runthrough because I will still likely miss out on some things to get the Platinum trophy.

I’ve become obsessed with getting them on games I love.

Least it’ll be easier to get it on Life is Strange. Whenever the hell I find time to actually go back and play that for the first time on the PS4.

200 words plus. That’ll do for today.



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