Thursday 25th May.

Another scorcher today, reached 25 degrees outside apparently. Thankfully I didn’t burn, to hell with that happening again. Though, in saying that, I didn’t go outside in the afternoon when it was at its hottest…so a lucky escape by only being outside in the morning?


It’s only going to get hotter as well apparently.

Man, I really don’t cope in the heat. Eff that. But, hey, I guess I’ll have to put up with it for the short amount of time that we actually call “summer”.

Anyway, who cares about the weather? Rather talk about Persona 5 and this Palace I am on at the moment is a bloody ballache. Seems to go on forever and I’ve already died a couple of times in it, causing me to lose loads of progress. So frustrating when that happens.

Still, even with those small struggles, the game remains awesome.

Wonder if I can get it completed over the weekend? Hmm, challenge accepted…




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