Saturday 27th May.

So, there was supposed to be a storm today between 1-4pm. There was rain, lots and lots of rain. But one crack of thunder and then nothing else? That does not constitute a storm, nature. Fool.

Saturdays without football for a couple of months is going to be strange – as it always is each and every single year when the summer break comes around. Sadly no major tournament this summer either, which sucks.

What didn’t suck was the FA Cup Final today. Very, very good game for someone who was a neutral in it – Arsenal were excellent, Chelsea not so much. Great to see the referee send off Victor Moses for an embarrassing dive, with the bans for such incidents coming in next season, I wonder if we’ll start seeing less theatrics?

Speaking of theatrics, I guess that somehow links to today’s events on Persona 5.

Bloody intense couple of hours on it earlier today, spent them taking on not one, not two but three battles back-to-back with very little preparation for them – had no items to regain SP, so was pretty much fucked if I wanted to use magic. Got through the first two…and then I was killed because I didn’t pay attention to what was going on, so that one had to be restarted. (Thankfully in big boss battles, there is the option to restart the battle and not from the previous save room…saved loads of time, that did!)

Man, the story took a turn for the unexpected. Ended up feeling sorry for a character who I have pretty much resented the whole game so far. Bloody hell, man.

Still find myself sat at several levels under the average level thing (Me @ 62, average being 66)…so I don’t know whether to be worried or not as I get ready for what I think is the final battle. Who knows though, it might not be.

Please never end, Persona 5.

In other video game news, I got an invitation to the open beta for Everybody’s Golf on the PS4. Played on it a bit earlier (yes, something got me away from playing Persona 5) and I’m liking the look of this. So much so that I’ve gone and pre-ordered it. Not out until August, so that’s a while away yet.

Won’t be the next game I buy anyway. The Wipeout Omega Collection is out in a couple of weeks time, that’s on the list…then there’s Crash Bandicoot at the end of June. Really, really looking forward to playing that again.

Now, that’s the end of the blog for today and it’s nearly 500 words long. What the hell? Tomorrow most likely won’t be anywhere near as long…




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