Tuesday 30th May.

So, what’s new, I ended up playing Persona 5 again today and went down the route to get the ‘true’ ending – involved lots more battles…but, strangely, not tough in the slightest (I guess killing the Reaper a couple of times to push my characters into the 80’s has helped an awful lot) as I breezed through the challenges.

Still haven’t finished it though. Think it might just be a case of watching cutscenes and reading speech from the characters…or I might be wrong. See, I see videos online saying about Valentines Day and the game is currently on December 24th – so is there going to be a lot of days missed out or am I free to do whatever between now and then? I guess I’ll see the next time I go on it…or a reader here spoils it.

Reckon I’ll need another playthrough on NG+ to try things (as in go through with dating Ann and not Makoto…sorry bae) and then probably another one to get any last remaining trophies. Getting my money’s worth from this game and definitely want to platinum it…it deserves it.

Anyway, I realised I didn’t watch Gotham last week so I’ve got two to watch tonight.






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