Thursday 1st June.

It’s a new month. May is gone…sadly not Theresa. Well, not just yet…fingers crossed that happens next week.

Less of the politics though, do enough of that on Twitter.

June though. Time flies…

So, what have I done on this first day of a new month? Well, what’s new…but the answer isn’t anything different. Continued the second playthrough of Persona 5, completed Kamoshida’s Palace in just one game day…having the same weapons I had at the end of the game certainly helped that!

Even put some more words on my Persona 5 piece for this blog. I really need to start writing up these other pieces I have got in the drafts column. Just laziness really…and Persona taking over my free time.

See, always with the excuses.

Anyway, I was able to catch up with last nights’ iZombie earlier, continues to be excellent. Also watched the last episode in the season of Prison Break – a satisfying ending, I have to admit. One less show I need to remember to watch on a weekly basis though, that’s something.

Nashville back tonight as well! That’ll be on the menu for tomorrow.

For now though, I’ve got last night’s NXT playing in the background whilst finishing this post off…missing out on Pete Dunne, ffs.

I’m gone,




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