8.6.17 – Election Day!


Thursday 8th June.

So, it’s Election Day here in the UK. Politics, hooray. Naturally I’ve been and voted – as I have done each and every single time I have had the opportunity to do so since I became eligible to do such a thing; why not because if you don’t vote, you don’t have any right to moan about anything wrong in society/the country in my opinion.

Only voted for Gareth Snell to take over Stoke Central a few weeks ago and had to go and do the same thing again today. As a member of the Labour party, why would I bother voting for anyone else?

I mean it’s unlikely that Labour manage to get in – but I think anything where Theresa May and the Conservative’s majority (which they were hoping to grow substantially, hence the early call for an election) drops slightly, will be a good result. Sure, it won’t help everyone in the long run and we’ll have that lot running the country until 2022…but it’s not the disaster everyone assumed it was going to be when the snap election was called.

Sure, there’ll likely be dissent in the Labour Party once again and a likely leadership challenge were they to fail to even form a minority government – but I’m with Corbyn from here on in as long as he’s a candidate. Guess you could call me a ‘Corbynista’ to go with all the other labels I have attached.

Almost time for polls to close…and this blog post, which has actually got a bit of content today. Probably will tomorrow as well if I’m in any state to write anything after staying up late to see a large chunk of the results coming in…

The things I do when there’s no need to do them.




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