Friday 9th June.

Staying up until 5am after watching the vast majority of results coming in at the General Election was probably not my wisest of decisions I had ever made. Kind of regretting it now, least I can get some sleep tonight…I think.

So, the Tories seem to remain in power but the fact that they got nowhere near the total destruction of the Labour party that they were hoping for has to be seen as an abject failure on the part of  Theresa May.

Sure, Labour didn’t win enough seats to make Corbyn the PM but, considering the huge lead the Tories supposedly had at the beginning of campaigning, it’s surely not a terrible night for the party in general.

Could end up going back to the polls later in the year depending upon how terribly the reported Tory/DUP not-coalition fares. That’ll be fun. If there’s no Theresa May, perhaps Corbyn will have an even better chance next time round…as long as there’s no leadership challenge on the way.

Jeremy has my vote anyway.

Speaking of which, recently I happened to pass the “1 year as a Labour Party member” milestone and yet I’ve done nothing since joining. Except tweet support and stuff like that. No door knocking. Not attended any meetings. Not done anything.

I think that will change now though. Going to start actually doing things. Starting with attending the next meeting – whenever that is…should probably find out.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be a candidate for something…hopefully they don’t find my tweets where I complain about living in Stoke.

Time to get deleting…

T. 6+3


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