Monday 12th June.

So, we kick off a new week and the 163rd daily blog of the year is here.

More E3 Press Conferences to come tonight and into the early hours with Sony’s turn to show what they’ve got coming up. Ubisoft at 9pm so I expect Assassin’s Creed, some crappy dance game and probably some Rayman game of some description. Maybe even South Park…again…seeing as that didn’t come out yet.

Last night was the turn of Xbox and they announced the Xbox One X and that’ll cost £449.99 when it comes out in November. Do I want one? No, not really. I’ve not got a 4k TV so it’s kind of pointless and also there really wasn’t any games that interested me that would tempt me back to Microsoft’s console. Except maybe Sea of Thieves…but buying a console for one game? If I won’t do it for the Switch and Zelda, I won’t do it for the Xbox.

Couple of games did catch my eye though. Most notably Life is Strange: Before The Storm. Now, I loved the original, so I will most definitely be picking this one up when Episode 1 drops in August – strangely not made by the same guys who made the original but, from the looks of things, it looks a lot like the originals and seems to stay true to them.

I’m all for that. Might even pre-order it as soon as…even though I detest the idea of pre-ordering.

Away from video games, I’ve got some wrestling to talk about and I finally got around to watching the rematch between Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega from the other day in NJPW. Their match at WrestleKingdom was insane and it’s fair to say that this one was no different…another potential Match of the Year candidate.

Which isn’t a surprise but when you look at some of Okada’s matches this year already – those two and then also title defences over Minoru Suzuki and Katsuyori Shibata, all four have legitimate shouts to be Match of the Year matches. Quite incredible, Okada really is something else.

He’s even in the new Tekken game…and you can dress King up as him and hit the RAINMAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. It would be wrong to buy a game just for that, wouldn’t it?


Start with games, end with games. Fair enough, that’ll do for today.



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