Tuesday 13th June.

Who’s the idiot that stayed up for Sony’s E3 presentation and then didn’t set an alarm to wake up in the morning? This guy…ugh.

Some really good games on show in the middle of the night – I definitely will be picking up several of them that were on show…and picking up Horizon: Zero Dawn again because of the announced DLC for the game. Spiderman is a definite buy (whenever the hell that comes out) and God of War, Detroit: Being Human also a couple more I want, want, WANT.

Few others as well; I should look back at my Twitter because I think I mentioned them…but CBA with that, I’m writing here. There were some good ones though, none of them VR.


Nintendo had a very good one this afternoon as well, some decent looking games coming up on the Switch. No sign of Animal Crossing though…that’s disappointing. Sure it’ll come out before too long though.

Do think I will pick up one of these Switch consoles sometime soon though.

And now, I must go. I’ve got things to watch.






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