Thursday 15th June.

I picked up one of those fidget spinner things today and I don’t see what the fad is with them? Like, what’s the actual point of them? Why did I waste £3 on one of them? Probably because I’m an idiot.

Was at the gym earlier today (yeah, still sticking to going there multiple times a week! Go me!) and then everything went off due to a power cut. Fortunately I was on manual equipment at the time, so no sudden stopping of a treadmill for me – though I never use the treadmill in the gym anyway, like what’s the point of running indoors? Go outside and do it?

Anyway, got a helpful email from them in the afternoon saying the club was closed…well, duh, I was there so I know. Whether it’ll be open tomorrow, I don’t know? I don’t go on a Friday anyway as that’s my designated ‘day off’…because going 7 days a week would be silly and wouldn’t allow for recovery. Or something like that.

As long as it’s sorted for Saturday, there’ll be no complaints…

Still plugging away on the NG+ playthrough of Persona 5. Strange playing the game now that I know all of the twists and stuff in the game’s story…but at least I’m seeing all of the confidant side-stories this time round. Should hopefully be able to get them all done in the remaining time – even though I kind of strayed from the guide I was following – and pick up the trophy reward for it.

Seriously need to get my backside into gear and crack on with the piece I’m writing about the game. It’s already approaching 2k words and I’ve barely even scratched the surface.

I think I’ll go do some once I’ve posted this up.

Eventually it’ll see the light of day on this blog! Honest.

As will all those other things I’ve got part-written. As in I’ve not put out a Tom’s Top Ten in months…need to rectify that. But which one should be next? Maybe I’ll get that one out over the weekend.

I’m babbling on now so I’m going to do something more productive.





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