Monday 19th June.

Another sweltering day in the UK and this mad man thought it’d be wise to go to the gym in this heat. I mean, sure, they have something resembling air conditioning in there so it wasn’t too bad…but it was still bad.

Oh well, at least plans this week mean I won’t be able to go in there again whilst we’re in the exorbitant temperatures that global warming has decided to give to us. Should be cooler later in the week, so that’s good.

Plans this week? Wow, really?

Yeah, well on Wednesday afternoon I’m heading to London for an NFL thing. Don’t think it’s been properly announced yet so I’m sworn to secrecy…it should be good though, I mean I’ll be spending 2 hours on the train there in 30+ degree heat, so it had better be worth it!

Spent most of my time on Persona 5 today taking down the “Reaper” in Mementos – much easier given that it’s now ‘flu season’ and there’s an exploit in the game that kills it within 3 turns should he be struck down by ‘despair’. Got a few more times to do that before I get my characters all up to Level 99.

Cheating? Perhaps…but oh well, needed to get to that level for a lot of the high-level Personas. Sod grinding through the rest of the game to try and do that, rather do it now…or as much as is humanly possible.

The quest for the Platinum Trophy continues.




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