Tom’s Top Ten…Paramore Songs

Y’all may have seen my Top Ten…Bands post recently; that happened to be won by some band called Paramore. So, following on from that list and in anticipation of their newest album, here is my list of my top ten favourite ever Paramore songs. Enjoy.

So we’ve discovered that Paramore are my favourite band of all time – laugh if you will, I’ll probably snigger at your selection of favourite band as well…or maybe I’d understand we’re not the same person and we have different tastes and would respect that choice. Or something like that.

Anyway, Paramore. Yes, we know they’re awesome and have been for a number of years. From ‘All We Know Is Falling’ right through to today and the imminent release of ‘After Laughter’. There’s a lot of good music in their discography so selecting 10 songs of theirs and ranking them was more difficult than it sounds.

In fact there are a lot of really good songs that didn’t make the list; songs like ‘Pressure’, ‘Hallelujah’, ‘crushcrushcrush’, ‘Ignorance’, ‘All We Know Is Falling’, ‘Ain’t It Fun’ and so on and so forth. I’ve tried to get something from each album and would say that I have done that, so let’s get on with the list…

TEN – ‘Emergency’

From their rather excellent debut album, ‘All We Know Is Falling’, is one of the first songs I ever heard by Paramore and I was pretty much hooked from that moment on. Lyrically, it’s pretty awesome as well; “I’ve seen love die way too many times when it deserved to be alive.” Feels, man. Hayley in this video as well…heart eyes emoji x 1000000000.

NINE – ‘Tell Me It’s Okay’

From their oldest album to their newest (well, newish-ist, the last one they did) and we have a “bonus track” from ‘Paramore’ at number nine. The opening lines of “Maybe it’s been years since I genuinely smiled, and maybe it’s been years since I wanted to be a part of anything” just sum up me in general. Miserable bastard. Good song though, catchy.

EIGHT – ‘Renegade’

Several years back, Paramore released a trio of tracks dubbed “The Singles” and Renegade was one of them. It isn’t my most-played one (that honour goes to ‘Hello Cold World’…which, shockingly, doesn’t feature on this list) but this is probably my most favourite of the trio.

SEVEN – ‘For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic’

For someone who’s a pessimist, I could perhaps consider this to be something of a “theme tune” for my life given that I also have times where I might even get that slight bit optimistic about things. Regardless, the song is brilliant and quite upbeat in both music and lyrics. I like it enough to give it the 7th spot on this list.

SIX – ‘Misery Business’

The song which catapulted Paramore into the stratosphere, the upper echelons of popular music and whatever other catchphrases you can think of – alas, I was here on the bandwagon before MizBiz came out. Some fans don’t like this song that much but me, I think it’s amazing and most definitely one of the most catchiest tracks they have ever put out. Still great, even to this day.

FIVE – ‘The Only Exception’

From one of the most upbeat songs Paramore have ever done to one of the most slow (and beautiful, like Hayley) and subdued tracks in their back catalogue, but damn it what a track The Only Exception it is. Heartbreaking lyrics accompanied by a really chilled out acoustic backing track, it’s superb in every way. I can only dream she wrote it about me, but sadly this is not the case…

FOUR – ‘Let The Flames Begin/Part II’

Using my artistic license and creator of this list and putting these two songs together even though they’re kind of two different songs. Then again, they’re also kind of joined together, so I’ll allow it. Anyway, both are incredible songs and deserve to be somewhere on this list – in all honesty, I couldn’t decide which one deserved it more so I added them both. Sue me.

THREE – ‘Hard Times’

Only one song from After Laughter makes it onto here but, looking at the top 3 I have selected here, I was sorely tempted to put this as my number 1 song ever by them. Or at least number 2. Such a catchy track and, by far, the best thing they have on their brand new album. Already might be approaching my “most played Paramore song” in my collection – which might go to show that I really, really like it. Or I’m just sad and listen to songs on repeat for too long. Either way, it’s number 3 here.

TWO – ‘Playing God’

I usually steer clear of religious sounding songs, but I can’t stop listening to Playing God and, as such, it makes it to Number 2 in my list of Top Ten Paramore songs. Another catchy backing track with some very, very quotable lyrics from the pen of Miss Williams – “next time you point a finger, I’ll point you to the mirror” for example. Very good track, but not good enough to take that number one spot.

ONE – ‘That’s What You Get’

Saving the best until last and, yep, That’s What You Get is my #1 Paramore Song of all TIME (well, until the next album, which might contain a song capable of topping it). Seven years on and it’s still a song I could listen to on repeat for ages and not get sick of listening to it…plus the video is pretty awesome as well. Great song, might never ever be topped by them; and I’d be OK with that.



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