Wednesday 21st June.

So, seeing as I won’t be back home until nearly midnight – or later, depending on the trains coming back/how quick I get back from the station to home – I’m writing this thing up early today.

The day is finally here, the day I go back to London…for yet another flying visit. I should really plan things better in future so that I get to spend a bit of time there doing touristy-things. Maybe later in the year when the Cardinals come over, then I’ll be able to do stuff.

Sounds like a plan.

So there’s some anti-government protests going on in the capital today. Awfully tempting to blow off my plans and then go and partake in those demonstrations…right? Hmm. Then again, maybe not, might end up missing my train back.

Already been out this morning for a much-needed haircut. Planned to go yesterday but it was ridiculously busy so decided against it – waiting in that heat, forget that. Least it was cool-ish this morning…and I now look cool-ish as well, win-win.

Best get off, stuff to do before my train gets here shortly.



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