Sunday 25th June.

So, it’s just 75 days until the NFL returns.

75 too many if you ask me. Seems like ages away but it’ll soon creep up on us…I mean, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing Day 100 blog on this quest for 365 blog posts in a year and yet here we are at #176.

Granted you could count on your hands the amount of quality ones…but this was never an exercise in quality content, was it? I don’t remember any more. Probably just quantity. So I guess terrible posts are allowed, which is good because the majority of these probably are.

Oh well. Least I sometimes throw out quality content…right?


Quickly moving on…ahem.

So, what does one do on a Sunday?

Well, I went to the gym. Been staying away from there on a Sunday (and a Monday…and a Tuesday…and a Wednesday; you get it?) but, given I had a day off on Thursday – for simply not being arsed after spending Wednesday walking round London. Quite empty for once though.

Do feel that these months going to the gym are making a difference though. Well, duh. We’ll see this week when I weigh myself to see if there’s any progress this month.

200+ words, that’ll do for a Sunday blog.








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