Monday 26th June.

Seems strange that, after spending so many consecutive days playing Persona 5, I’ve not touched the game the whole weekend…and then some more. Reckon I’ll eventually get round to playing the final bits of it, but it might have to wait seeing as I’ve finally picked up Madden 17 for the PS4, bought Fallout 4 again (because it was a bargain at under £10) and Crash Bandicoot coming out this week – these will keep me going a fair while.

Speaking of Crash Bandicoot. Did have it pre-ordered for £23 at Smyths – they provided me Forza Horizon 3 before the release date so I guess they’d be reliable and thought I’d stick with them for this one as well. Then I saw the pre-order gift you get from GAME and immediately cancelled that order and bought with them instead.

Sure, it’s £7 dearer…but I get an Aku Aku keychain.

Me, I’m a sucker for a keychain.

Even though I have so few keys. Ah well.

Quest for the rest of 2017; get more keys…maybe.

Did I have anything else to add to the blog today? Maybe, but that can wait…




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