Tuesday 27th June.

As if we’re near the end of June already? Man, this month has flown by. Few days and we’ll actually be halfway through the entire year.

Madness, man.

So, Tuesday…just a typical Tuesday, nothing too exciting to actually talk about on this blog aside from Madden developments. Skipped through Season 2 (or is it 3 now? I dunno) and got to the draft – couple of real good players sitting atop the draft board but I only had 1 pick in the 1st and that was 13th overall; could I trade things and pick up both #1 and #2 overall picks?

Well, in short, yes. Couple of picks and a player got each of them. The team is in a mess as it is anyway, so why not make it worse?

The players were definitely worth picking up though; finally a franchise quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals and a huge upgrade at MLB for the defence after Deone Bucannon refused to re-sign, so I sent him off somewhere for some picks.

Maybe now we can start winning games…

Anyway, time for this to end for today.





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