Thursday 29th June.

So, this time last week we were burning alive with what appeared to be British Summer…and that was about it, seems to have been raining for the past day or so every time I look out the window.


But, yeah, who cares about the weather?

Tomorrow. Crash Bandicoot. Hopefully.

Yeah, I’m ridiculously excited about playing a game that’s many years old, has had a bit of a make-over but still looks amazing. Reviews of it appear to be very positive as well, so I reckon I’m really going to enjoy playing this game.

Please bring it tomorrow Mr. Postman, sir…or I’ll be real sad.

I’ll have to carry on playing Madden if there is no delivery from Game. Which I wouldn’t mind, loving this new quarterback the Arizona Cardinals have got on it – front-runner for MVP, Offensive Rookie of the Year AND Best QB in the NFC. If that keeps on, I’m going to have shitloads of XP at the end of the season to make him almost 99 in every major stat.


Man, I want to play Crash Bandicoot now though…or just listen to the theme tune. Quite surprised how good the re-done main theme of the original is – I don’t think it will top Persona 5 as my ‘Game of the Year’, but it might beat out Horizon Zero Dawn for #2…or simply slide into #3, which still isn’t terrible.

Video games, my true love.

Anyway, time for this blog to end…




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