Saturday July 1st.

Pinch, punch…first of the month!

Seventh month of the year, just over half-way through 2017 now…and I think this is the 200th blog post I’ve posted on this blog. In half a year, not bad. Granted there’s been about 2 views on them all.

Ah well.

Finally Crash Bandicoot came today and I was transported back into the 90s, kind of. Proper nostalgia trip but I’m already really, really enjoying this remaster/remake thing they’ve done – still plays the same as I remember it, just looks a lot better…and the sounds are still pretty much the same as well (just much better quality sounding).

Naturally I’m starting from Crash Bandicoot first, playing all the way through that and completing as much as possible before moving onto the second one and then the final game in the trilogy.

Will I ever get the Platinum trophy for this game though? That’s going to be tough given I think you need to get every single gem in the games to get one trophy, not exactly the easiest of tasks to do…but one I’m up for.

Bring it, game!

Except for ‘Road To Nowhere’ – hated those levels back when I first played the game, still hate them now. So frustrating and challenging. Oh for a double-jump tornado spin combo from Warped on them…then they’d be ridiculously easier.

Cheers Vicarious Visions for not doing that…

Ugh, I WILL get past this level!




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