Monday 3rd July.

Oh man, Crash Bandicoot still continues to frustrate me on this level. Still not past it…bloody annoying. Might have to glitch my way to completing it, because that seems like the only way of doing it. Probably still mess that up.

Wimbledon kicked off today – one of my favourite times of the year; randomly watching tennis throughout the day, wondering how long it’ll be for Andy Murray to become Scottish again, saying “I’d love to go Wimbledon” and then never actually going. All yearly traditions.

Wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan of tennis but do enjoy watching it when it’s as accessible as Wimbledon is – whether on the TV or on the countless streams on the BBC Sport website, it’s so easy to follow along with. It’s a shame they don’t do that for any other sport – well, aside from the Olympics/Commonwealth Games and that kind of thing.

Speaking of which, I’ve got a game on now that’s looking very good…or it was in the first set. Then a complete choke/bottle-job in the second and third sees Eugenie Bouchard losing.

May have lost that, but always wins my heart.

On that note, I’m off.




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