Tuesday 4th July.

Today = American Independence Day. So happy one of those to the occasional American who may read this blog for some reason or another. Not something I celebrate for the simple fact I’m not American.

Figures, right?

Only have a handful of levels to complete on Crash Bandicoot after getting past a couple more frustrating levels. Yes, this remake is excellent but you some of these levels are really, really challenging. Dastardly things!

Apparently it’s due to the jumping mechanics being different but the level being the same – everything I thought I knew from back in the day has basically disappeared so that’s something new to get used to.

Another day of Wimbledon – haven’t watched too much action today but definitely plan on watching a lot more tomorrow with both Johanna Konta and Andy Murray playing back-to-back on Centre Court in the afternoon. Should pass the time a fair bit.

Speaking of passing the time, I’ve still to watch last week’s Nashville…

Best get that watched now then, so that’s it for today’s blog.




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