Thursday 6th July.

So, the weekend is upon us…well, almost anyway.

Good news! I finished Crash Bandicoot today – well, the first one of the trilogy anyway. Few levels were really tough, more difficult than I remembered but definitely enjoyed playing them all over again.

Eventually I’ll replay them all and, somehow, get each and every crystal and relic available in them…even if it means cheating my way to them, I guess I’ll do it by any means necessary.

Moved onto Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. Do remember enjoying this game a lot, but not as much as the 3rd one…and not as much as the original. But it was a very good game back in the day and, having already completed the first 5 levels and beating Ripper Roo (yeah, that was as easy as I remembered it to be), the memories are coming back for that one as well.

Will it take me as long to get through as the original one? Well, I’m away from my PS4 this weekend so that doesn’t count as time spent trying to complete it.

Fun games though, guess I’d best write up a few words in my blog on the game whilst it’s still fresh in the memory!




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